16.12. — 06.01.2013. Riga. Latvia

OPENNING: 17:00 16.12.2012
PLACE: Rīgas Mākslas Telpa Kungu 3 (Zem Rātslaukuma), Riga www.makslastelpa.lv
DURATION: 16.12. — 06.01.2013.

Photo: Andrew Lukashin, Arthur Dimenshtein, Dinara Nikiforova, Dmitry Bulkin, Dmitry Pahomov, Eduard Mihelovich, Eugene Sysoev, Igor Trepeshchenok, Liya Magradze, Ludmila Anisimova, Raimond Klavins, Regina Astahova, Roman Drits.
Music: Andrey Eigus, Linda Leimane

e-Book & Music

The aim of the project

The aim of the project is to show cultural and historical worth of lighthouses, while being the heritage of Latvia, and let the audience feel the unique atmosphere of lighthouses.

To show cultural, historical and architectural worth and variety of lighthouses by means of art photography and music. Sounds from the inside of lighthouses, sounds around them and stories of workmen were used to create a musical composition.