Lighthouses in Latvia


Date of construction
19 m
Height of light
26 m
15 nmi
Talsi District, Mersrags municipality
57° 21" 95' N 23° 07" 19' E
The Mersrags lighthouse is situated at the tip of the shore shooting forth into the sea, near the place where a stony shoal lies. Old legends tell that plunderers would walk a cow with a lantern around its neck in order to mislead the passing ships, and should an accident occur, they would seize the loot. In 1875 one of the most beautiful Latvia’s lighthouses was constructed here. They called it a „Frenchwoman”, because the tower of the Mērsrags lighthouse, its optical system, and the lantern were manufactured in Paris, France. However, the lighthouse was severely damaged during World War I when its metal construction came under fires and was distorted. The present-day tower of the lighthouse was built in 1922. It is strengthened with eight wrought-iron inserts, and the external walls are sheathed with riveted metal plating. Andris Cekuls


e-Book & Music

The aim of the project

The aim of the project is to show cultural and historical worth of lighthouses, while being the heritage of Latvia, and let the audience feel the unique atmosphere of lighthouses.

To show cultural, historical and architectural worth and variety of lighthouses by means of art photography and music. Sounds from the inside of lighthouses, sounds around them and stories of workmen were used to create a musical composition.