Lighthouses in Latvia


Date of construction
14 m
Height of light
19 m
10 nmi
Limbazhi District, Salacgriva municipality
57° 32" 6' N 24° 21" 7' E
After repeated requests of local fishermen, a lighthouse was built in the headland of Kurmrags in 1923 as the landmark location between the ports of Ainazhi and Riga. Originally, it stood in the meadow next to the steep slope of the coastline. During a tornado in 1967, the lighthouse was destroyed and the light was turned off. The next tornado in 2005 flushed the lighthouse into the sea, leaving it all warped in the sea couple of metres away from the shore. The Ķurmrags lighthouse is popularly styled as the Smugglers Lighthouse, and the near bay – as the Smugglers Bay, because at the early 1920s it was one of the nearby coastal channels for supplying cheap alcohol from Estonia to Latvia. Andris Cekuls


e-Book & Music

The aim of the project

The aim of the project is to show cultural and historical worth of lighthouses, while being the heritage of Latvia, and let the audience feel the unique atmosphere of lighthouses.

To show cultural, historical and architectural worth and variety of lighthouses by means of art photography and music. Sounds from the inside of lighthouses, sounds around them and stories of workmen were used to create a musical composition.