Lighthouses in Latvia


Date of construction
22 m
Height of light
26 m
26 nmi
Liepaja District, Rucava municipality, Rucava parish
56° 09" 29' N 21° 01" 40' E
Built in 1910, the Pape lighthouse is located at the southernmost point of Latvia, not far from the Lithuanian border. Out of all Latvia’s lighthouses it is the closest one to the sea, which is threatening its existence. The first wooden lighthouse tower was erected here as far back as 1887. At that time it was ordinarily called a Boundary beacon, and the reason for that was the near-by border between tsarist Russia and Prussia. Its light guided ships to the port of Liepāja. The modern lighthouse is a white iron cylinder sustained by a riveted iron frame construction. Though the lighthouse is now closed to visitors, back in 1923 a famous Latvian composer Emilis Melngailis once stayed overnight here, during his folklore expedition. Andris Cekuls


e-Book & Music

The aim of the project

The aim of the project is to show cultural and historical worth of lighthouses, while being the heritage of Latvia, and let the audience feel the unique atmosphere of lighthouses.

To show cultural, historical and architectural worth and variety of lighthouses by means of art photography and music. Sounds from the inside of lighthouses, sounds around them and stories of workmen were used to create a musical composition.