Lighthouses in Latvia


Date of construction
38 m
Height of light
38 m
18 nmi
Liepaja District, Pavilosta municipality, Saka parish
56° 49" 91' N 21° 03" 43' E
Among other Latvia’s lighthouses, the Akmenrags lighthouse stands out with its location in one of the most dangerous places for navigation at the entire coast of the Baltic Sea. Its light marks the stony sandbank, which extends north-westward into the sea to a distance of two nautical miles or 3.7 km. The sea depth here is just over two meters. Over the years, the location area of the lighthouse has remained the same, while the coastline has receded. Despite the area having the navigation light since 1879, Akmeņrags has witnessed a number of shipwrecks. One of the well-known shipwrecks occurred in September 1923, when the Latvian steamer Saratow struck the ground. For a while, in 1919 Saratow became a shelter for the provisional government of Latvia. The present-day tower of the lighthouse was constructed in 1921, but the previous lighthouse was destroyed during World War I. The spiral staircase of one hundred and twenty six steps leads to the top of the Akmeņrags lighthouse. Andris Cekuls


e-Book & Music

The aim of the project

The aim of the project is to show cultural and historical worth of lighthouses, while being the heritage of Latvia, and let the audience feel the unique atmosphere of lighthouses.

To show cultural, historical and architectural worth and variety of lighthouses by means of art photography and music. Sounds from the inside of lighthouses, sounds around them and stories of workmen were used to create a musical composition.